Early Prayyer Pictures

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The Prayer - (1989 - 1994)

The Band

Marty at Bass

M.G. Kramer & Sascha

Ian & Marty



M.G. & Marty

M.G. & Our Girlys

Balcony Party

Marty's Birthday

Old Memories 

Marty's Special Whisky


Marty with Sascha in the Behind

M.G. with Manuela

M.G. & Ian & Marty

 Ian with Alex

At Ian's Home 1993

Sascha Köhn

Sascha Köhn, we will never forget you


Ian Miller alias Sly

Marty Haugh & M.G. Kramer

Sascha Köhn, his last Picture, before he died so young...

The Prayer (1989 - 1994)


Ian Miller - Vocals

Marty Haugh - Bass & Programmings

Sascha Köhn alias Michael O'Neill- Keyboards

M.G. Kramer - Synthesizer

Toni Grund - Drums & Percussions

Background Vocals:

(1993 - 1994)

Beatrix May & Christine May.