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1988 - First musical Audience with Joachim Krich, we recorded only one Album, which we release very soon.

1989 - we created this Band in the early 90's with Marty Haugh and disbanded also in the 90's after 

Sascha Köhn's Suicide 1995. We recorded one Album, which we release very soon.

1993 - 2002 - Recorded 10 Albums,  with Wolfgang Monheimius what we will release very soon.

1994 - Recorded only one Album with Manfred Streuben & Rainer Münch, as a Hard Rock Metal Project.

We recorded only one Album, which we release very soon.

2008 - Recreated this Band with Adrian Walker.

2011 - Marix Vycos joined with us, he is still a Member of The Prayer.

2019 - Florian Breuer joined the Band as Producer and Keyboards, with his Studio Musicians as explained 

in Discography Section here.

2023 - Wolfgang Monheimius rejoin the Band. "Henry, you are Welcome"

Ian Miller is also Bandmember and Vocals of Plutonium Police (Earlier Prayer 1993-2002)

This Band still exists !!!

Ian Miller

29/01/2024 Bonn/Germany.

Latest News: 

New Album in Progress after my Summer Holiday

Ian Miller

29/01/2024 Bonn/Germany.

New Album Out Now ... 

Released 19/03/2023

Time Travel

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