Welcome to the Picture Gallery of Early Prayer...

A Picture Gallery of early Members and Friends of us


The Prayer 1990


Marty Haug

old prayer

Marty  & M.G. Kramer & Ian 1993

sascha köhn

Michael O'Neil alias Sascha Köhn 1994

ian miller gabriele kuhn

Ian Miller 1991

Picnic 1994

Michael O'Neil alias Sascha Köhn 1993

marty haug

Marty Haug 1995

M. G. Kramer 1996

Ian with Marty's Sister Alexandra 1989

balcony party

Balcony Party 1989 in Bockle Beach

New Years Day 1990

The Band 1989

Early Band 1989

Marty & Michael 1994


Michael & M. G. Kramer 1995

the prayer

The Prayer 1990

Marty & M. G. Kramer 1996

At Ian's first Flat 1993

Michael's last Picture, he comitted Suicide, so the Band splits in

1995, Ian makes Music further with new band Line-up after this.

Michael, we will never forget you... We love you.

ian and Marty by Gabriele kuhn

Ian & Marty - 2009





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